Employees, Qualcomm:

"I really liked the information. I intend to use what I learned."

"Found it beneficial in many ways."

"Liked the tip about savoring the little things — also those little things are appropriate to say."

"The class was non-threatening — felt safe. It was a nice experience."

"Very good instructor."

"It would be nice if everyone at Qualcomm could attend that class."

"The class was life changing. I do things differently now."

"I try to make sure I'm in town when I know you are offering these classes."

Teachers, Cherokee Point Elementary:

"The training on resilience was outstanding."

"Susan is diligent and professional, with a very clear passion."

"Susan is professional and passionate when presenting to the participants."

Parents, The Language Academy:

"Our parents absolutely raved about the workshop."

"Exceptional professional."

"We could not have asked for anything better than this course."

"I was truly amazed at the level of professionalism and the creativity of her presentations."

Other Feedback and Testimonials:

"I thought it was a wonderful session and I hope you have more planned.  It’s practical and helps you focus not only on the wonderful little things that happen in your day but also validated for me what I’m already doing right.  I also learned how and what to do more of as well as what to look for.  Definitely a wonderful use of my time and the company’s resources."

"Great class.  I really enjoyed it."

"I liked this class. It was one hour definitely worth spending."

"I enjoyed the class very much as it was refreshing to take a thought-provoking class, away from usual business, during the day."

"One hour of programming was just right to me. I would definitely look out for your next class information."

"I liked the interactive exercises as well as the instructor using the techniques herself with us that she taught us in the class to use with others."