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4 Week Grit/growth mindset Workshop (for parents)

Research has repeatedly shown that the quality of an employee's personal life strongly impacts the quality of his/her job performance. Employees satisfied with their personal lives will be more motivated, and perform better at work. Making employees' lives better as parents will help them be better employees. In this workshop participants will learn about the importance of fostering in their children the noncognitive skill known as grit. Studies show that noncognitive skills (empathy, self-discipline, determination, etc.) are necessary to be successful in life. Research tells us that the noncognitive skill perseverance is just as important to achievement as talent. For one hour, one day a week for four consecutive weeks parents will learn tools that will enable them to foster the noncognitive skills science tells us are essential for their children's success.

Classes Taught:

  1. Grit/Growth Mindset
  2. Effective Praise
  3. ABCs of Resilience
  4. Goal Setting

Benefits of the Grit/Growth Mindset Workshop:

  • Learn how to achieve your goals and teach your children to achieve their goals.
  • Learn how to teach your children the value of hard work and to persevere in the face of obstacles.