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4 Week Grit/growth mindset Workshop

Studies show that learning to work hard is as important to academic success as intelligence. Research tells us that the non-cognitive skill of grit - passion and perseverance for long term goals - is just as important to achievement as is talent. A growth mindset fosters grit and has shown to improve academic achievement. For one hour, one day a week for four consecutive weeks parents will learn tools that will enable them to foster in their children the non - cognitive skills science tells us are essential for success.

Classes Taught:

  1. Grit/Growth Mindset
  2. Effective Praise
  3. ABCs of Resilience
  4. Goal Setting

Benefits of the Grit/Growth Mindset Workshop:

  • Understand the importance of grit and growth mindset.
  • Learn how to foster a grit and growth mindset at home.