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Teacher Training

Based on the latest research in positive psychology educators will learn how to improve student performance in the classroom. Educators will learn techniques they can implement which will enable them to enhance student achievement, motivation and satisfaction. The training can be an hour, a day, or a few hours over several days. We adapt to your needs.

Benefits of Teacher Training:

  • Learn cutting edge skills that research shows improve academic success.
  • Learn how to teach children the skills that will enable them to become more successful.

Partners in Thriving allows clients to select trainings from the list below.

1. Focusing On the Positive

We live in a deficit oriented society, that is, a society saturated with negative news and images.  Learning to re-focus on what is positive, what is working, and what makes us feel good allows us to think more creatively and to cultivate a sense of inner well-being.   You will learn to use positive questions to increase focus on the positive.

2. Strengths - What We Do Well

The bad weighs more than the good. We tend to be more aware of what we don’t do well than what we can do well.  Most people are not aware of their strengths. Knowing your strengths and using them increases well-being. You will learn what strengths are, how to identify your personal strengths and how to use them effectively.

3. Practicing Savoring and Gratitude

Most of us are aware of the importance of attending to and appreciating the good in our lives. Research shows that practicing savoring and gratitude considerably increases personal well-being.  We will discuss the latest studies on savoring and gratitude, and you will learn tools that will enable you to express more gratitude and increase savoring.

4. Others Matter

Research tells us that social support is key to well-being. We tend to have an easy time empathizing with and encouraging others during bad times. But fostering relationships during good times is just as important.  You will learn tools that will enable you to enhance your social support by responding effectively when good things happen to others.

5. Grit/Growth Mindset

Studies have shown that success follows more from perseverance than intelligence. Gritty people tend to be more successful than their less gritty counter parts, especially during challenging times.   A growth mindset fosters grit and has shown to improve academic achievement. You will learn the importance of grit, and how to foster it and a growth mindset.

6. The ABCs of Resilience

To become more resilient, we have to understand how our thoughts impact our feelings and behavior. Contrary to what most people believe our emotions and behavior are not triggered by events, they are triggered by our interpretation of events. You will learn how your thoughts impact your feelings and subsequent reactions and how to think more flexibly to become more resilient.

7. Goal Setting

Research tells us that goal setting is correlated to happiness. Accomplishing our goals feels good, but it isn’t always easy. Setting goals helps us focus our energy on doing what we have to do to achieve what we want to achieve. Properly set goals are extremely motivating. You will learn effective goal setting skills.

8. Effective Praise

All types of praise are not equal, certain types can be meaningless and even counterproductive. How and when you praise a child can make a big difference. Effective praise helps build self-esteem and confidence. You will learn the do’s and don’ts of effective praise and how to apply the do's effectively.