Classes For Companies

These experiential workshops and classes teach the skills and theory necessary to enhance well-being and foster lasting happiness.  Employee well-being and happiness translate into improved job performance. Participants learn about the multitude of empirically based theories regarding increasing well-being. We also offer employees with children in elementary school the same classes we teach in public schools. All classes and workshops are delivered in groups of 10 or more participants. 

1 hour "lunch & Learn"

One hour "lunch & learn" are hands on classes based on the principles of positive psychology. Each class consists of a brief lecture, class discussion and interactive exercises. A variety of topics are offered all based on the latest research in positive psychology. Participants can learn the benefits of focusing on the positive and  the tools that help focus on the positive, or they can learn how to define character strengths and how to identify them, or how one's thoughts impact well-being and how to challenge these thoughts to experience greater well-being. Participants will learn tools that will enable them to implement in their everyday lives what they have learned in the classroom.

4 week Resilience Training workshop (employees with children)

Life is full of challenges, no one is exempt from them. We can’t change this, but we can change how we respond to these challenges. For one hour, one day a week, for four consecutive weeks participants will learn tools that will enable them to effectively overcome the difficulties they encounter in their lives. Participants will also learn techniques that will allow them to teach their children these skills.

4 week grit/growth mindset workshop (employees with children)

Research has repeatedly shown that the quality of an employee's personal life strongly impacts the quality of his/her job performance. Employees satisfied with their personal lives will be more motivated, and perform better at work. Making employees' lives better as parents will make them better employees. In this workshop participants will learn about the importance of fostering the noncognitive skill grit in their children. Studies show that noncognitive skills (empathy, self-discipline, determination, etc.) are necessary to be successful in life. Research tells us that the noncognitive skill perseverance is just as important to achievement as talent.  For one hour, one day a week for four consecutive weeks parents will learn tools that will enable them to foster the noncognitive skills science tells us are essential for their children's success.